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Moving & Learning with CPD and a Spa!

How do you get the energy flowing in the final week of a long first half term – when teachers and children are beginning to tire? Easy – by creating and curating a Move & Learn CPD Active Afternoon for teachers, of course!

Where, What and Why?

The venue – Cookridge Hall Health & Fitness – was perfect. So too was the weather – with opportunities for outdoor learning as well as indoor.

The learning was definitely not one-directional. By bringing together teachers from primary schools in Leeds and Huddersfield, we were able to genuinely work and play together.

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Did we achieve what we set out to do? According to the feedback, we achieved a resounding YES!


  • learned how to integrate PAL approaches into teaching & learning across their school
  • understood fresh perspectives on how to maximise the impact of PE & Sports Premium funding to impact ALL children’s physical activity levels EVERY DAY


  • explored approaches and resources for organically integrating physical activity within the classroom environment & beyond
  • developed new ways to enable children to sit less & move more, while fully engaging with their learning

According to one participant, “I had an amazing  time on Thursday afternoon. It was lovely to meet others with similar mindset to making learning an enjoyable journey for all children through creative curriculum activities. A great CPD afternoon”

Move and Learn CPD 4 Move and Learn CPD 5

The delegates were impressed by the ease at which you can make even the dullest Learning Objective more active, relevant and fun. As one teacher said, “It’s not necessarily about using MVPA levels outdoors – I was amazed at how engaging simply moving around the classroom can be. It allowed me to interact with others. My boys are going to love this approach.”

Yorkshire Leads the Way with PAL

The event provided us with an opportunity to showcase the wealth of PAL innovation here in Yorkshire. The teachers were intrigued by Leeds Beckett University’s ‘30/30 Wristband Challenge’.

Move and Learn CPD 3

During the session, we shared videos from the recent international PAL Conference hosted at Headingley Pavilion.

Will we be doing it again? Definitely. Watch this space for further details.

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