Global Academic Research

One of our aims is to link researchers with practitioners, so what better place to start than with this – the latest global academic research demonstrating the impact of Physically Active Learning (PAL).

We love the attention-grabbing headline of this article in Psychology Today…

Kids Who Aren’t Glued to Their Classroom Chairs Learn Better

The main takeaway of this meta-analysis is that weaving physical activity into school lessons is linked to better test scores than having students sit still through an entire class.

To have research of this calibre adds credence to our message – that move and learn approaches work as well as play.

The research led by Doctors Emma Norris and Tommy van Steen features in the prestigious British Medical Journal – Sport Medicine. The full article can be found here.

Systematic Review

Of equal importance is the systematic review of acute PAL and classroom movement breaks on children’s physical activity, cognition, academic performance and classroom behaviour: understanding critical design features. This features in The British Medical Journal – this time for Open Sport and Exercise Medicine. To read the full review, click here.

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Naturally, it’s wonderful to see Leeds Beckett University leading the way – with Dr. Andy Daly-Smith, Professor Jim McKenna, Steve Zwolinsky and Andrew Manley – alongside researchers from Northumbria University and Georgia University in the USA. To find out more about Leeds Beckett University’s support for Move & Learn, check out this blog post – with the apt logo, ‘I’m with this Idiot’.

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