Moving & Learning in an Infants School

After meeting the Move and Learn team last year our school has put active learning at the forefront of our curriculum. Over the past year teachers have committed to making lessons more active and engaging throughout the curriculum. Our biggest success so far is the teachers willingness to believe in and implement active lessons throughout their teaching. Staff feedback that they love the freedom it gives them within the lessons they teach, children are more engaged in their learning and far less time is being spent just listening. Children are encouraged to move freely around the classroom in a manner that remains purposeful but allows children a greater freedom to make their own choices while being active. Classrooms have been redesigned by teachers to create free space for movement, the introduction of bean bags, exercise balls and clipboards enable children to work within different areas with greater freedom.
Our pledge this year is to seamlessly embed active learning throughout every lesson of the curriculum, overcoming the idea that active learning means children are running round throughout every lesson is not what active learning is about. We want all children to be able to spend more time moving in a lesson that they do sitting. This will be done throughout a range of activities designed and implemented by our teachers so they support the learning intention of the lesson. Our active learning will complement the other activities we do in school to ensure our children are active throughout every school day.

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