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Considering we promote active approaches to learning and healthy lifestyles, we have spent a lot of time sitting down recently. Don’t worry, we have been taking regular breaks from the screen with walks, bike rides, runs and mini HIIT sessions. As to time spent sitting, if it means we can reach out to a wider audience, then so be it. Let’s share small steps and big differences online.

It seems that March has been THE month for online events, both regionally, nationally and globally. It’s been a genuine pleasure to share research into PAL and practical ideas with educators. Not only that, it’s been fascinating to learn from others, the barriers they have faced and the successes they have had in overcoming them.

The conversations between participants and ourselves have been so rewarding – with a great blend of empathy and provocative questions.

Who’s Been Sharing What and and Where?

Thank you to the following for inviting us to share our Small Steps & Big Differences:

We have to thank Zoe Llewellyn and the team at Optimus Education for creating and curating the Curriculum Impact programme. This platform gave us the opportunity to rub shoulders with friends new and old(er). In terms of engagement, we love this platform from Mentimeter. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, there’s not quite a thousand words here, but the one word that jumps out is…

Mentimeter Optimus

This is exactly what researchers such as Dr Andy Daly-Smith and Professor Geir K Resaland et al have been saying for years.

It’s simple, PAL makes the learning stick!

Check out this blog post from the Move & Learn archives.

And if you want to explore other ways to make learning both irresistible and memorable, check out this wonderful webinar from our great friends at now>press>play.

Glastonbury 2021

The annual pilgrimage for many was not possible this year. For many, the education equivalent of Glastonbury was the World Education Summit, hosted and organised by Osiris Educational. We may not have been headlining the Pyramid Stage with Stormzy and Coldplay, but the education equivalent of the acoustic tent on Friday afternoon was a great opportunity to showcase some new songs.

Our appearance on the global stage was recognised in regional media in Yorkshire. Thank you to the following media groups for their coverage:

As with many events – real world and online – it’s the informal conversations between the sessions that generate further ideas. Massive thanks to Carmel Bones for ideas and signposting to Active History content. We look forward to exploring these and sharing them in due course.

Looking Ahead

As you can see, we love to share our love of ‘move & learn’ approaches. If you would like us to share research and practical ideas with your colleagues, schools or ITT providers, just reach out. 

Call: 07806 621508


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