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The team at Move & Learn all have backgrounds in teaching and leadership – and we know all about curriculum demands and pressures. We recognise that raising standards is essential, but we are always seeking win/win solutions for health as well as education.  We want more children, more active, more often – not just in our own schools, but others too.

It is great that others are coming up with their own #moveandlearn ideas and resources, now that the research is becoming more widely available. We know that Active Learning works as well as plays! Just ask researchers such as Dr Ash Routen and Dr Lauren Shergar from Loughborough University and Andy Daly-Smith from Leeds Beckett University, whose evidence can be found here and here.

This month, we have been delighted to support the BBC and the Premier League with the launch of Super Movers!

What is Super Movers’?

Super Movers is a new movement that combines people from the world of football, music and television to create fun, free and easy-to-follow educational videos. These videos help children to be active during lessons.

Following a briefing meeting with the BBC last year, we were invited to attend the launch event at Anfield, home of the legendary Liverpool FC. The event featured as part of the latest #BBCLiveLessons and was hosted by the charismatic Naomi Wilkinson, Ben Shires  and Katie Steckles.

Prior to the broadcast, we listened to Andy Parrott, Head of Planning and Community at the Premier League explain the rationale behind the partnership. He reiterated the words of Richard Scudamore, Executive Chairman of the Premier League: “We recognise the power football has to connect with young people and positively influence their lives. Super Movers will harness the reach and strength of our Clubs and the BBC to encourage children to be more active and engaged throughout their learning.”

We were particularly pleased to hear Dan Gooding announce:

“We need to work together to be a force for good.”

It’s incredible to see such influential organisations backing the ethos we have believed in all along. The key to education is working together to help understand children’s needs and discover new ways to learn and play together.

BBC Live Lesson

A particular highlight for us was listening to Alex Scott talking about her career and own admission that: “I learned in a different way”, echoing our own #sitlessmovemore ethos. We have always respected Alex’s accomplishments and attitude, as typified in this report when she visited Iraq with Arsenal Football Foundation and Save the Children.

How can you get involved in Super Movers?

The call to action is:

Visit the Super Movers section of the BBC website. Check out the video content relating to:

  • Counting, digits & numbers, addition & subtraction, multiplication, fractions & decimals, money, algebra, position & direction, capacity & volume, 2D shapes & measurement
  • Punctuation, adjectives & adverbs, silent letters, word families, homophones & relative clauses
  • And more!

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Move & Learn

Shout about Super Movers to others!

We are beyond excited to be involved in Super Movers and we hope that you join us on this exciting journey too by shouting about Super Movers whenever you get the chance. We started the ball rolling with a presentation at the BETT Show TeachMeet. This generated lots of discussion at the Excel Centre and on Twitter. Let’s keep passing the ball around…

BETT TeachMeet

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