We believe in continuous collaboration and co-design when we work with organisations and their staff:

“Faster alone, further together.”

    Far too often training is delivered as a one off – or fails to recognise the competing demands placed on teachers, school leaders and trainers. This means the impact is negligible as there is insufficient support or time to implement and/or embed strategies. Therefore our support and training programmes are informed by research on effective professional development to ensure that we are maximising the impact for you and your organisation. For example, in relation to our work with schools, we use the Education Endowment Fund guidance on effective professional development to shape and adapt our wider offer.

    Who do we work – and play – with?

    • school senior and middle leaders
    • teachers 
    • Initial Teacher Training (ITT) providers
    • other training providers and organisations

    Our programmes run across timescales to suit you (usually at least one year).

    We can support you in developing:

    • Culture and ethos – working with you to ensure all stakeholders know why, how and what Move & Learn is, using the latest evidence based research and practice to support this. 
    • Approaches – providing you with strategies linked to your school’s pedagogy or organisation’s objectives. These can be integrated (not added) to parts of the learning process to ensure your lessons are still purposeful and meaningful.  This is then followed up by ongoing collaborative planning and coaching support to ensure teachers and trainers involved are effectively embedding these over time in small steps.
    • Environments – within the confines of your budget, helping you adapt both indoor and outdoor environments to enhance the spaces and places that learning and training can happen in.
    • Resources – helping you, where possible, develop low cost/no cost resources to support the implementation of Move & Learn approaches. We can also signpost you to established innovators (such as Tagtiv8) who provide bespoke resources to reduce sedentary time and increase movement.