Tagtiv8 – a HundrED Innovation 2019

What are the aims of Move & Learn? One is to showcase partners – signposting schools to proven ‘Physically Active Learning (PAL)’ resources. With Tagtiv8, we know we are sharing a true global innovation. Why? Tagtiv8 have been selected as ‘One to Watch in 2019’ by the HundrED community. With over 2000 nominations, Tagtiv8 have done remarkably well to be included in the final 100. Alongside innovations such as TT Rock Stars, Seppo, Night Zookeeper, Tagtiv8 were able to demonstrate:

  • innovation in K12 education
  • impact through NESTA recognised research
  • scalability – i.e. transferability of approaches into different countries

Do you want to know more about the HundrED  2019 award? Click here – we have no doubts that you will be impressed by the other HundrED innovations too.





Learning from HundrED & Looking Ahead

It’s fascinating to see how ‘move and learn’ approaches transcend borders. No matter what languages are spoken, it all comes down to the pedagogy. Does it work? Does it make the learning stick? Read about Tagtiv8’s experiences of working with schools in Finland as part of Helsinki Education Week here.

Tagtiv8 - HundrED Award 2019

Saku Tuominen, CEO of HundrED, said: “Spreading innovations such as Tagtiv8 across borders can be a game-changer for education, worldwide. HundrED continue to encourage as many stakeholders as possible to get involved so that we can work towards a positive future. We need to connect schools, educators, administrators, students and organisations.”

We are always looking to share the the work of others . If you know of any other individuals or organisations with innovations that will help schools ‘move & learn’, contact us so we can signpost school leaders, teachers and others.

PS. Do you want to know how Tagtiv8 can help you move & learn at home during these challenging times? Click here to see their suggestions and ideas.

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