Foreword by Dr Andy Daly-Smith

We already know that increased physical activity and a reduction in the sedentary time spent sitting at desks have wide-ranging benefits (including to brain function), so what if there was also evidence that using movement in the learning process improves outcomes for children? What if we could then map out ways to support teachers in adapting their practice to make this a reality?

In ‘How to Move & Learn’, Bryn Llewellyn, Ian Holmes and Richard Allman do just that – sharing the latest research from around the world and providing teachers with the means and motivation to identify opportunities to integrate movement purposefully into the teaching and learning process.

The links between health and education are paramount, and this book explores these connections and presents a wealth of ideas, activities and resources to help teachers unlock the potential of the school and outdoor environments for learning across all curriculum subjects.

Suitable for all primary school teachers and leaders.