Research shows that we all need more movement in our lives. Our lifestyles are increasingly sedentary, but we need to start changing behaviours earlier...

    What if we could show evidence from research and practice that using movement in the learning process improves wellbeing AND academic outcomes for children?

      Surely all practitioners would welcome the above benefits for those they teach or train…?

      So what if we could then:

      • outline purposeful and manageable ways to support you (the practitioner) in integrating movement into your lessons?
      • bring the joy of teaching and learning back to those you teach or train and create a culture of collaboration, curiosity and creativity for all involved?

      Now is the time to move your thinking on…it’s time to Move & Learn!

      Through our work with schools we have realised  that our approaches work as well with training organisations and businesses – helping them to use more movement in the professional development they provide and improving outcomes and well-being for their staff in the process.

      Therefore, as a community interest company our aim is to empower school communities and other organisations to use movement based approaches to learning.

      We want school leaders, teachers, trainers, children and their families to:

      • (Re)discover the joy of learning (both indoors and outdoors) – seeking opportunities to make learning & training irresistible
      • Realise & harness the long-lasting benefits of movement as part of learning & training on physical and emotional well-being, as well as educational & training outcomes

      For more on Why we should Move & Learn, why not… 

      1. Watch this TEDx Talk
      2. Read our book
      3. Take a look at our Case Studies
      4. Contact us to discuss how we can support you in integrating Move & Learn strategies into your school or training organisation

      It's time to move your thinking on... It's time to Move & Learn!